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Great product

I just got survive yesterday n tried it today i must say it was really good and definitely worth the price i will most definitely be buying the other products in time

Bitter tasting honey

So, to get the negative out of the way, the honey taste is quite bitter but if you're a fan of bitter flavors then this is right up your alley. The powder is really fine, in fact the finest I've ever seen in a whey protein supplement. It almost looks like sugar. No clumps and mixes easily. The amount of BCAAS is great, on a side note stop wasting money on those BCAAS powders since they're probably already in your protein shake and they are in the food you eat. Overall I give the honey flavor 4 stars, a point off for the taste.

Jonathon T.

This is great tasting protein. Lot of space in the tub and extremely fine powder, yet it nonetheless tastes like a fresh brownie, and I love it.

Frank R.
Amazing flavor, even better results

I got Survive after reading a bunch if stuff on the benefits of whey protien first thing in the morning as a breakfast substitute for fat burning. I had already gotten Antidote and felt the results almost immediately so I figured Survive would not disappoint. I was proven right. What's special about Survive is it is much more than just a whey protien. It truly is a "blend" and all around great supplement. You not only get the protien but also a great Amino profile, plus DigeZyme and Ginseng. It's a great alk around nutritional supplement. I felt the effects almost immediately. I felt full, and I had an increased energy level. Not like caffeine or sugar does, this felt different. It felt natural. And it tasted AMAZING. Just like rich Swiss Miss chocolate milk. Even in water it was very creamy. No clumps, very smooth. Get Survive and ensure you can stand up to the zombie hordes.