Serum - Nitric Oxide Amplifier (V2)

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This is a great supplement, I mainly do weight training on gym days and have added this supplement to my routine and have absolutely noticed a major difference. I am able to knock out more reps with less physical fatigue during my workout and when my workout is done I still have plenty of energy leftover. Definitely recommend everyone get this.

Stephen Y.
WOW... Best Pump!!!

I've tried a lot of Pre-Workouts, and this one gives me the biggest pumps! Swollen muscle bellies! The combination of these ingredients are just right. Flavor is pretty good too.

Great Product, horrible flavor

This product worked incredibly well. It was very effective in delivering skin ripping pumps even after my first set. Only reason I gave this 4 stars is because the Radiated Gummy Work flavor is so bitter and earthy that I honestly couldn't even finish the product. What happened to the grape flavor that was so good? Can we bring that back please?

Awesome pump!

I love to leave the gym with a huge pump and this delivered. I have mixed it with a few different pre-workouts and have experienced a great pump with each.