Outbreak Special Forces
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How do I join the Outbreak Special Forces?

If you created an account when ordering Outbreak supplies you are part of the Outbreak Special Forces.
To create your new account click here. 

How does it work? 

The Outbreak Special Forces is a loyalty program. The more supplies you order, the higher up the ranking tier you rise. As you progress you earn more benefits.


All discounts are automatically calculated at the cart level before checkout. 
Got a discount code? Lucky you, you can stack it on top of your Rank Rewards for even further savings.

What about all my previous orders? 

Fear not - your ranking today is based on your full order history. Check your rank and see for yourself.

What do I get? 

Your benefits are based on your ranking tier. You will have access to exclusive Outbreak rank pins, personalized discounts for LIFE (on top of our regular discounts), and in the near future free products, exclusive opportunities and other awesome rewards. 

can i still use coupons? 

Yes, your benefits automatically discounted, and you may apply promotional coupons or codes to stack up on more discounts!

How do I find my rank?

Login to your account to view your current rank. We will also send emails notifications when you are promoted to a new rank. 

Outbreak Special Forces